WHY consider an inspection?

Are You Prepared

It is very important to define & determine a course of action in the event of a potential disaster and what you will do and where you will go to remain safe in a storm.

Understanding my Insurance

Insurance companies typically base their rates on like properties in the area. Many of them have made improvements over time and as a result are stronger and able to withstand weather events better than others.

What can I expect from the process?

There are two inspection types we perform which may lead to savings or be required by your insurance company. These include a Wind Mitigation Inspection and a Four Point Inspection.

Testimonials from our customers

Quorum services considers the opinions of past customers and the savings they experience as a direct result of the inspection process to be our greatest reward. A few of our past customers have shared a story of how it has worked for them and we encourage you to review them and more importantly start your own story by scheduling your inspection online today.

OUR inspection process

Step 1 - How much does it cost?
Pricing for our Wind Mitigation Inspection is $125 for a site built single family residence up to 3,000 square feet.

Step 2 - How much money can I save?
Your savings will vary depending on current policy coverage and what wind zone you are located in as well as which insurance company provisions your current policy. Please use the Calculate my savings link above to determine the potential savings.

My Safe Florida Home

Quorum Services is proud to have been selected as one of only eleven companies designated by the State of Florida as an official Wind Certification Entity (WCE) to conduct inspections for the My Safe Florida Home Program as well as educating homeowners on how to protect their homes against hurricanes and storms. We have conducted thousands of Wind Mitigation Inspections on behalf of the state of Florida and for the citizens of the state of Florida.

My Safe Florida Home

The My Safe Florida Home Program reached its initial goals of providing 400,000 free wind inspections, and over 35,000 matching grants to single family Florida homeowners.


You can find the Uniform Mitigation Verification Inspection

Form (Form 1802) here

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  WHAT is a Wind Mitigation Inspection?
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